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Mission Statement
    Microsheen was first established with our
outstanding deburring capabilities, and has
grown steadily from this solid base.

    If you are a parts manufacturer, whether you
produce metal, plastic, stamped, cast, extruded
or machined parts, you can benefit by utilizing
our deburring facilities.

    Burrs, sharp edges, tool marks, flashing,
heat-treat scale, and rust can be removed with
precision controlled techniques.

     Polishing, generating radii, and surface
improvement (if required or desired) can also be
achieved in large or small production quantities.

The Finest Roto-Finish Equipment

     Microsheen's deburring center currently houses over 300 cubic feet of total
capacity, ranging in size from tabletop machines to our largest 53-cubic foot
vibratory machine, similar to the picture shown above.

     We process your parts with many different types, sizes, and materials of media -
including ceramic, plastic, and aluminum oxide styles among others.

Steel Media Burnishing

     We also offer steel media burnishing and polishing capabilities, for those parts
which demand satin finishes or other similar requirements.

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