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     Microsheen also features passivating of stainless steel parts. Passivating is a
process strictly applicable to stainless steel.

     This chemical treatment removes all ferrous metal and microscopic surface
impurities such as airborne iron, steel or dust particles from stainless surfaces.

     These impurities may cause corrosion and, in many cases, contamination of
your finished product, as the part/equipment is used during production.

    A more thorough description of passivation is the regeneration of the passive
film that protects stainless steel. This film will form spontaneously over time
after the part leaves the pickling tank, however the passivating process aims to
accelerate this action so that it occurs before the part leaves the passivating tank.
Most passivating solutions are based on nitric acid, which is highly oxidizing and
instantly restores the passive layer.

     Microsheen capabilities are for small batch passivating, priced either by the
piece or by the pound, certified to QQ-P-35 and ASTM A967.

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and find out why Microsheen is your solution.

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