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Ultrasonic Cleaning

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Ultrasonic Cleaning

     Microsheen provides a wide range of
equipment to meet all degreasing needs,
while handling a wide variety of sizes and
materials. We utilize vibratory machines
with cobmeal to degrease and dry smaller
parts in bulk.

Conveyor Belt Degreasing

     We process parts through pressure
spray conveyor style machinery for tough
degreasing jobs, and with pressure spray
auger style equipment when the handling
of parts is critical.

Auger-Style Degreasing

Quick and Clean - Sound Waves!

Ultrasonic Cleaning
     This modern method provides rapid cleaning - even in smallest blind areas. The process of
Ultrasonic cleaning uses biodegradable and
environmentally-safe and non-toxic solutions -
sound waves.

     We utilize a unit that can clean smaller, hard-to-reach configurations.
Dimensions are 20"L x 12"W x 14"H.

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